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Wearing the White Hat

So, here's my true confession, I LOVE TGIT! Thank God It's Thursday! If you're not familiar, it is the wonderful night where my loves, Grey's Anatomy & Scandal are on tv. Now, I don't usually watch them live (who wants to deal with commercials) and my time is precious so if I'm going to splurge on my guilty pleasure of hanging out with Meredith & Olivia, then I need to do it as quickly as possible.

I think I love these shows because of their strong female characters. I relate to the idea of wearing my 'white hat", stepping up to a situation and trying to fix it or "saved the day". It is in my nature to want to fix and help. To make life better for those around me. I see a relationship problem, let's talk it out. I see an event that needs decorating, let's throw it together with flare. I see someone sitting alone and I have this incredible urge to sit with them & chat.

But as I grow in my understanding of myself and others, I realize"fixing" isn't what is always best for people or myself. People don't really want "answers" to their problems as much as they just want to be heard and have their feelings validated. To hear, "it's ok to feel that way" and "feelings are just that, feelings" which are not necessarily based on truth. Right?!

My urge to fix and help can crop up in my business venture as well. I see someone who is struggling financially and I think, "I've got your solution!" But here's the thing, not everyone is cut out to have their own business. As my team likes to say, "you are in business for yourself but NOT by yourself". We all have each other to support, education, encourage and cheer each other on in our business. However, the work of the business and the success of the business is strictly the work of the business owner themselves.

So I write this to say "I'm throwing off my white hat!" I can not be your "savior" or bailer-outer (made that up myself). I can only be that person who comes along side you to encourage you. Speak positive truth to you. Mentor & train you. Support & CHEER you on! I believe my purpose is not to save but to LOVE! I believe it is with great love that great things can be done. So here I am, without my hat, ready to love you & walk beside you!

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