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Rodan + Fields is pre- launching in Australia!

Today's the day! My business launches Australia and we already have an army of people ready grow their virtual franchises! 

If you are currently in Australia and want to get in on this amazing business, or know someone living there that would be interested in joining, please contact me to see if this business is a good fit for you or someone you know.

My oldest daughter Kylie is studying abroad in Australia... now I can visit, do business and get to write it off the trip! 😃


Join my Australia team here:


Consider this...


1)Receive an EXTRA paycheck to offset your shoe fund, private school for your kids, vacation money, replace an income or financial freedom!

2) Tax write-offs for 2016!!! Hello!

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4) Leverage our Global Expansion - we are already in Canada and when you join now, you'll be ready for our expansion into Australia in December of 2016!

5) Get started on these products NOW and you'll be looking RADIANT and years younger  - reverse time on your skin!

6) Give yourself residual income! This investment is a gift that keeps on giving! What would an extra $x,xxx, $xx,xxx or $xxx,xxx a month do for you and your family? That is a reality today for those on my team that took that first step...

7) Take advantage of my SPECIALS for joining my team TODAY- Just fill out this brief survey, email the results to yourself & I will contact you with the details!  Click HERE to begin the Solution Tool survey

If you've told me - or yourself - that you're going to wait until the time is right to partner with our brilliant doctors... take a minute and seriously consider these points.

Then let's talk. Seriously... let's talk!